1972 – Fundation of MIF SGPS, a company that has given rise to the Montalva Group, initially specialized in the animal production area.

80’s – Entrance in the animal feed sector. Over a decade after the Group fundation, the entrance in the animal feeding sector is made through the acquisition of two major companies in this area (Progado Centro Sul, SA and Progado – Sociedade Produtora de Rações, SA).

90’s – Entrance in the meat transformation sector (Dilop and Ribacarne).

2003 – Acquisition of major player in the meat with the Izidoro and Damatta brands. Acquisition of Sapropor, allowing the Group to became a major player in the portuguese meat production market.

2007 – The one hundredth anniversary of the Damatta brand.

2011 – Capital structure major reinforcement. Entrance of a new major shareholder (ECS Capital).

2012 – Acquisition of Montebravo company, creating new business opportunities in the meat industry. The MIF group will become known as Grupo Montalva, an ambitious project of quality and control of integrated Portuguese meat production chain, recreating the strong link with nature and our roots, consolidating tradition in the creation of the finest ingredients.
Rebranding of Damatta and Izidoro brands.
The Montalva Group has surprised the market with its Montalva brand meat and meat preparation. This is a varied range of high quality, Portuguese fresh and tasty meat. The Montalva range of varied fresh products, which can be found in Portugal’s leading supermarkets and hypermarkets, is based on three distinct concepts: Classic, Healthy and Explore.